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There will be days everything you learn seems to go out the window and you can't remember how to handle your cravings or emotions. You feel so overwhelmed you can't think straight. Your hope for recovery starts to dwindle. As you train your brain to break the habit of getting stuck, reaching for food, or getting down on your body, use this page to inspire you. It is a safe place you can come to remember the life you want to lead. The life you want to choose. Listen to a video. Try a breathing technique. Use the journal prompts. Leave a comment to inspire others. Use the comments to let out a frustration you want to release. Listen to a guided meditation. And most importantly remember you are not alone.

Go Explore. Pick a Journal That Speaks to You.

Handling Food Cravings

Inspiring Videos

Send It Out Into The Comment Universe

Write it. Then Let It Go Below.

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    You are worth it! Your dreams matter! Never settle… You got this!

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Guided Meditation Apps

Download One and Listen Daily.

Breathing Techniques For Anxiety

  • Try all these breathing techniques.
  • Test each technique to choose the one that suits you best.
  • Use for daily practice to stay grounded or to calm a state of overwhelm
  • Mantras

    A beautiful collection of Mantras to live by during this course. Print them out and paste them in your journal.

Turn Insecurity Into Strength

Self Love Videos


Welcome to Break Free

10 Week Interactive Program to Escape the Pain of Disordered Eating.

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